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A possible consequence when a person avoids a possibly fatal event or who prolongs their life in spite of considerable odds. (see example 4)

a state of ill luck or misfortune usually pertains to a death caused by accident or random acts by an individual which leads to the death of a teammate On Halo3 or other FPS. (beachgaara)

also a character on naruto.

When a fellow teammate disregards orders to stay back and wait for reinforcements and charges without a chance of survival. Suicide run. Thats a Beachgaara
JxReborn: Luke he was one shot why did you rocket us.

Beachgaara: Yeah i got him! Yarrrrrghhh

(xxMilkyway38xx assasinated Beachgaara)

Jek Porkins: "I've got a problem here."

Biggs Darklighter: "Eject."

Jek Porkins: "I can hold it."

Biggs Darklighter: "Pull up!"

Jek Porkins: "No, I'm allβ€”Aah!"

Jek Porkins pulled a beachgaara

IloveDvds: Don't rush them beach.
Beachgaara: Yaaarghghg

xMLGxPRO39x killed beachgaara

IloveDvds: Beach!
J X Reborn: hahahaha
IloveDvds: J why is it funny?

Player 1: Wow did you see that double kill?

Player 2: Yeah but you killed beach in the process!
Player 1: oh hahahaha
Player 2: Why is it funny?

Player 1: omg i commited suicide and didnt get the double kill
Player 2: damn you pulled a beachgaara

Exampe 4
(Commenting on a UNSC Dropship being shot down)
Beachgaara: You see that pelican that dodged a rocket by the convenant and the rocket hit the other pelican.

Halo3 Co-op Party: YEAH?

Beachgaara: That would have been me!
by J x Reborn August 05, 2009
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