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The day that falls between Saturday and Sunday on the Bazz Calender, which consists of eleven months, each containing four eight day weeks, and the last 13 days of the year being a giant festival for the glory of Bazz. The calender, while not in widespread use, is used in various settings, such as the island paradise of Bazzealand, as well as in various cults, mainly the Bazzealots. The calender is also used by the Bazzolars, a little-known but elite School of Thought that places emphasis on questioning everything and everyone, as well as occasionally disproving reality.
"Dude, I got so trashed last Bazzday!"

Scholar: "On Bazzday I usually go to the library and engage my mind with some of the Bazzolars."
Bazzealot: "Oh, well I usually go out with some of the guys and crusade to Bazzrusalem."
by Captain Bazzerica October 26, 2008
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