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The most beautiful, caring, sweet and loving girl you will ever meet. You may make a mistake and be a huge jerk but is quick to forgive. She will always love you with her entire heart, unless you're phallic of course. She has the most tender caring eyes, the kind you could get lost in and stare at for hours. Her hair is long, brown or light brown and flowing. She doesn't really like her hair but you will think it's beautiful. She's the kind of girl any guy would want, she's not a slut... AT ALL, She will love you for you and not want anything about you to change, she would prefer you to not spend money on her and just show your love for her in other ways, she doesn't ask for anything she's just perfect and gorgeous. Her butt...omg amazing.
I wish I was dating a good Baylyn.
by Dru Daniel June 08, 2013
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