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Often used with an arbitrary number of '-ol' at the end (i.e. bawlololololol), this term is used to describe something which is both funny and sad, typically in a mocking sense. In a pvp gaming setting, if ones' opponent is so bad that it's hilarious to you, and you think they may be crying for losing so badly, it is an appropriate time to use this term. Also sometimes used in a nostalgic sense, reminiscing about something that was excellent (and funny in some sense) but no longer exists.
Wow you're awful bawlolololol
OMG that's the worst strat i've ever seen, no wonder you're getting obliterated bawlololol
Man, remember how good arms warriors were in BC? One-shotting everyone bawlolol
How's the dick taste faggot bawlololololololololol
by Free_Nachos May 06, 2018
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