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BAUER-olo-GY n.

1. The study of CTU Agent Jack Bauer (of the show 24)his
in dealing with unique situations, etc.

which leads to post-show conversations and Bauer's methods.

2. Anything of, or related to, the character development of Jack Bauer and its further discussion, associations, and fanfare.
eg: a)Bauerology- a social behaviour result such as the way Jack Bauer's overuse of the word "dammit" has created a social behaviour with college students of the Jack Bauer drinking game -for whenever Jack says "dammit" on the show, a person takes a shot.

b) Jack Bauer's methods of torture/manipulation to attain what is needed- the greater good. With Jack's use of Bauerology of getting the job done. One's use of Bauerology may not always be right but may be good justification once results are shown.

c) Bauerology -because the character Jack Bauer seemingly doesn't die, Bauerology proves Bauer's method to get things done quickly and efficiently allows to secure the goal(s) of common interest, in favor of morally correct conclusions.
by CTUBauerMission April 17, 2006
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