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Battledomology is the art of debating VS matches and comparisons between fictional characters and fictional universes.

While its a fact of life that everyone has their favorites in fiction(e.g. Characters,Universes, Special Moves, Francies, Etc.) and will support them, Battledomology is a Science where practitioners DO NOT LET preferences get in the way of debating the characters. Proper Battledomology is done by analyzing demonstrated material and creating reasonable conclusions based on it, not empty speculations. Making a biased conclusion based on your favoritism on certain fictional characters,universes,etc against in the face of the evidence is NOT PROPER BATTLEDOMOLOGY and is actually wanking.

Battledomology can involve more than just merely VS battles between fictional characters, universes, and franchises -it can comparisons of stuff outside of battle such as who is the more intelligent character, who has better feats not related to battle, which universe has more advanced technology,which universe has more effective magic,etc.

The best best site on the net for Battledomology is the Outskirts Battle Dome, where wanking is not tolerated and Battledomological threads are almost always done with logic and reasoning.

A person who practice and study the Science of Battledomology is called a Battledomologist.
The Web Show Deadliest Fictional Warrior is perhaps the MOST FAMOUS ,MOST POPULAR and overall MOST unbiased and intelligent show on Battledomology.
by CounterSwarmer July 19, 2011
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