is an internet based live and interactive reality television channel and serves as a community for launched in March 2010. The site was founded by digital media entrepreneur Alki David. The internet service offers 24/7 real-time interactive access to the participants who put themselves on webcam. Contestants have used their 15 seconds to broadcast a range of activities from the banal to the bizarre, ranging from musical talent quests, to stand up comedy routines to tattooing the site's web address on various body parts for money. Audiences get to vote on whether they keep that person on or not by voting "I like it!" or "Poop." Unsuccessful broadcasters are discarded after their 15 seconds expires. Returning guest appearances have included Wesley Snipes, Billy Zane, Barry Bonds, Gary Busey and Ron Jeremy.
Lets go to
by RedNick1.0 January 30, 2012
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An Internet based user content fuelled entertainment website. Anything goes.

Founded by Alki David then taken to new heights with the arrival of such casters like NINO79 among others.

Once the new star of this website arrived the content changed rapidly from Americans sticking carrots in their bums to classy witty banter.

Battlecam is now closed and the majority of the cast and audience now reside on Tinychat as a fragmented community
Cant wait to login to Battlecam and see what NINO79 is doing.
by iheartbattlecam July 22, 2021
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