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A battle whore is an older woman (Usually around the age of someones grandmother) that dresses like she is still 17 and is a complete slut. Also she must have a few scars, wrinkles, or other noticeable blemishes of some kind. Similar to a Cougar but much more cock-hungry.
Guy #1: So last night I was at the bar and this old lady kept winking at me.

Guy #2: Eww, so what did you do?

Guy #1: I did what any drunk guy would do....

Guy #2: .......?

Guy #1: I slayed that Battle Whore.
by Mattock January 18, 2010
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Battlewhores is someone when it comes to either TV, Comics, Anime/manga who generally only care about action, or the most important fight, and do not care at the story at hand or the progression. In other words the story could be riddled with deus ex machina and massive plot holes, but as long as it has action, it is great.

They do not know what quality is.
Example most of the battlewhores, who held Bleach and Naruto in high regard, bandwagon-ed onto One Piece during either the Enies Lobby arc or Marineford. because of the action.

Battlewhores are someone who the Transformer movies as 'great' because it had a lot of action.
by Sido999991 July 20, 2013
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