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BatteryIncluded and Apokryltaros (also known as Mr.Fink) are two atheist users on Wikipedia. They are self-professed scientists but with no qualifications, they are men who are ardent and delusional anti-theists with an inexplicable hatred towards religion and God (who they claim not to believe in so their hatred for him is illogical).

Both users stalk a certain selection of articles on Wikipedia (mainly the abiogenesis article) which they defend with aggressiveness and the view that their opinions and only their opinions are right. Both users are completely narrow minded and against views that disagree with their delusional beliefs.

For a self-professed biologist, BatteryIncluded doesn't understand the difference between abiogenesis and evolution. Abiogenesis is a hypothesis that attempts to explain how life may have arose from non-living chemicals. Evolution is a scientific theory which explains how life evolved and the variation of species because of it. A person can hold evolution to be true but abiogenesis to be false. Honest researchers do not accept abiogenesis as factual because, unlike evolution, it has never been observed and has no empirical evidence. From a scientific perceptive, the actual origin of life remains a mystery still. The answer to the origins of life could very well be abiogenesis though and contrary to the views of BatteryIncluded, Apokryltaros and other extremist atheists, this doesn't refute God.
No natural process in existence refutes the concept of God since natural processes merely explain "how" and not "where" all matter and energy came from. Of course BatteryIncluded and Apokryltaros get really really mad should you ask them to demonstrate their blind faith in the hypothetical magical atheist idea that universes can arise from nothing out of singularities that appear from nothing since it's evidenceless.

The Big Bang theory has presented a huge obstacle for these fools as it states the universe had a beginning. The two answers to its beginning is that it either arose from nothing (which is contrary to the principle of causality) or that it came from an unmoved eternal prime mover, i.e a god. So far, atheists have been unable to demonstrate or prove something from nothing and therefore their philosophy remains dead.

BatteryIncluded and Apokryltaros are examples of Wikipedians who use their editing privileges to censor other viewpoints and bully and harass users. They are quite often psychotic with their gibberish and are quite clearly giving out blow jobs to admins so that they don't get banned even when abusing the system of Wikipedia by closing talk page subjects as "soapboxes" whenever someone comes in and refutes their magical atheist belief that matter and energy can just "pop" into existence from nothing.
by Silly Atheists October 26, 2014
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