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Abiogenesis is a hypothesis which attempts to explain how life may have arose from non-living chemicals. Evolution is a scientific theory which explains how life evolved and the variation of species because of it. A person can hold evolution to be true but abiogenesis to be false.

Honest researchers do not accept abiogenesis as factual because, unlike evolution, it has never been observed and has no empirical evidence.

From a scientific perceptive, the actual origin of life remains a mystery still. The answer to the origins of life could very well be abiogenesis though and contrary to the views of atheist fanatics, this still wouldn't refute the existence of God.

All physicists agree with the idea that the universe is finely tune with order for life since all its values and properties are so deliberately aligned. Whilst abiogenesis by itself proposes the idea of life arriving godlessly, when combined with the fact of the fine tuning of the universe for life, we see that the origin of life all over the universe was deliberately planned amongst every other natural system - such as evolution - that we see at work.
However, without evidence, abiogenesis remains based on nothing but pure speculation. The atheist however, is forced to accept the hypothesis blindly (proving their blind faith) whilst the theist has access to many options and can remain truly open minded.

Given that abiogenesis did not have enough time to occur on the Earth whilst the early Earth's atmosphere was right for the formation of life, it seems likely that either God deliberately planned for life on Earth from the beginning or kick-started the formation of life.

The theist here has access to a non-naturalistic view of abiogenesis whilst the atheist is limited purely to their naturalism which also fails to explain the ultimate origin of matter and the universe without resorting to the magical concept of "something from nothing" and if matter can come from nothing, the theist can argue that God could too which seems more likely given the construct of the universe such as its fine tuning which is arguably the blueprints of intelligence. Random processes, given infinity, would still never produce such order in a constant mathematical alignment and observation of nature reveals this.
by Atheism is bullshit June 02, 2015
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An hypothesis which is evidenceless. It's fueled by faith and speculation and there is no evidence of life being able to arise/form by itself. Lab experiments only confirm that intelligence is needed for something even only a remotely bit complex to form further reinforcing the scientific law of Biogenesis (life from life).
Abiogenesis is the faith based creation myth of the atheist.
by Skialian January 08, 2014
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(noun) Spontaneous Generation. People originally thought larvae randomly appeared on poop, and mold randomly grew. Or, more correctly, spontaneously generated. This is now known to be false, but is a theory still taught in school. Some teenagers like to use it as a sort-of-funny explanation.
Man A: How'd that dog crap get on my bed?

Man B, who had put it there because Man A is such a neat freak: Must be abiogenesis.

Man A: What's that?

Man B: You know, Spontaneous Generation? Just randomly grew out of nothing.
by tiagirl April 01, 2010
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