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An hypothesis which is evidenceless. It's fueled by faith and speculation and there is no evidence of life being able to arise/form by itself. Lab experiments only confirm that intelligence is needed for something even only a remotely bit complex to form further reinforcing the scientific law of Biogenesis (life from life).
Abiogenesis is the faith based creation myth of the atheist.
by Skialian January 08, 2014
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(noun) Spontaneous Generation. People originally thought larvae randomly appeared on poop, and mold randomly grew. Or, more correctly, spontaneously generated. This is now known to be false, but is a theory still taught in school. Some teenagers like to use it as a sort-of-funny explanation.
Man A: How'd that dog crap get on my bed?

Man B, who had put it there because Man A is such a neat freak: Must be abiogenesis.

Man A: What's that?

Man B: You know, Spontaneous Generation? Just randomly grew out of nothing.
by tiagirl April 01, 2010
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