A bad ass sport where you have a metal stick in your hand and try not to beat the shit out of your self in the process of doing these hard tricks
by QUICKDICKLARRY April 14, 2018
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Baton twirling is a sport that involves preforming tricks and manoeuvres with a metal stick with rubber ends. It is a dangerous sport as twirlers often hit themselves quite hard during practice as that baton is very hard. Yet no matter how many injuries they have, twirlers get over it and continue to hurt themselves with the sport. In most countries, it is quite unknown and some people don’t perceive it as a sport. It is a sport as it involves many qualities such as hand-eye coordination, team work, practice, dedication, flexibility and more.
Friend: Can you come over today?
Me: No I have to practice my baton twirling
by Batontwirler17 August 15, 2019
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A sport involving a metal stick, called a baton. It's a combination of dance and gymnasics, while twirling the baton. It was origionally a men's sport for twirling in front of the marching band in parades but is now open for both genders to participate. Baton twirling is considered a sport in many coutries around the world and, in Japan, the twirlers are treated like famous sports stars. There are different levels of competitions (states, regionals, nationals, worlds). There are different levels and age groups, too.
Baton twirling started by drum majors using batons to keep the beat for the marching band and were commonly twirled to create more of a show for spectators.
by xomaydayox May 26, 2009
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