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For example, I kicked a bat, and halted the global economy with covid19.

You are a massive batlicker.
by ratticusbrown March 14, 2020
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Used to define people who refused to wear a mask. A better and more appropriate term than Anti-Maskers.

Derived from Rat-Lickers from the time of bubonic plague.
Jim- You heard about the Bat-Licker rally? Pam- Yeah all of them tested positive for Corona.
by AnubhavAnusaar August 19, 2020
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A term that defines people who refuse to wear a mask or take necessary precautions during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is a derivation of the word "Rat-Licker" from the bubonic-plague period, which yields a similar meaning.

It may also be used for a more appropriate term than Anti-Maskers; Referencing the supplementing definition made by "Sheldon :)"
-- "Look at that Bat-Licker dude!"
-- "You'd think a Rat-Licker would've taught us something..."
by Xeryxoz August 20, 2020
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