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Pronounced: Bay-sic-ology.

The study of basic bitches. Interdisciplinary studies in "Basic bitches" "White girls" Basic girls" "Basic white girls"

It is widely known these "basic white girls" possess 90% of the things listed below:
- iPhone
- Canada Goose
- Uggs
- Michael Kors watch
- Variation of Coach bags
- Forever 21, Aritzia, etc clothing
- Ray-bans
- Tumblers
- Daddy's money
Bro1: Bruh, I wanna take a course in basicology...

Bro2: What is that?
Bro1: It's this new thing, it's the study of a basic white girl.
Bro2: No way. Dude, let's take it together.
by bonzaitree February 21, 2015
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