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Basic Bitch Attir is used against bitches who are basic with their wardrobe!! Typical black chick with red white and blue leggings, those got damn footlocker outfits, them cross earrings, iPhones, pink phone cases, those weird as heels with no heels???? This list goes on...
All the bitches in the club rockin those ref strips and shit... oh they some basic ass bitches..that's BASIC BITCH ATTIRE!

She rockin those red, white and blue leggings just like all these other hoes on Labor Day ... Basic Bitch Attire!!

She wearing the same virgin weave as Shonquiqua... her Basic Ass!!....Basic Bitch Attire !

Today at school, all I saw were girls rockin that same ol' virgin weave and ugly ass floral print leggings with that ugly ass ripped shirt shit.... Basic Bitch Attire!

Her whole closet is just Basic Bitch Attire!!

All these hoes love basic shit... basic bitch attire!
by Envy Babes July 03, 2013
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