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An event that began in Sedalia, MO, by the Occult and Satanic community. which began aboit 80 to 60 years ago when Witches, Pagans, etc., had issues to settle between each other. It was largely held just outside the city limits of Sedalia on a certain phase of the moon and could last for several days. The contestants battled spiritually against each other to show who had the greatest spiritual power. Each round has a winner, which moved to the next level up to a harder spiritual event. All loosers were either killed, to the death, or removed themselves from the level being battled that they were in. The last remaining contestant over all the events is the supreme winner and rewarded by Lucifer/Satan until next year's contest begins, and who is the one to beat. No arena has been chosen for this moon phase event, and it is basically The Satanic, or Luciferian Super Spiritual Olympics of spiritual power and/or strength.
Have you attended, or are a contestant, in the Barwrathma ?
by Topul June 07, 2018
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