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When you are at a bachelor's party or some event with strippers.... and when playing "Feed The Kitty", the dancer squats over your face to pick up a $10 (or you remove a red vine from her pussy) she appears to be excited and drops "excitement' on your face.

The excitement usually was left in her from her boyfriend or the last bachelor party and you were just hit by a Barstow Loogie!
A friend is a "Driver" for a stripper company. He goes to pick up a girl and she is not ready as she is having sex with her boyfriend.

Later at the 1st bachelor's party, she is hustling the guys with a game of Feed the Kitty.

While squatting over a guys face, she totally hit him with a Barstow Loogie. I immediately threw her a towel to wipe her boyfriends jizz off of this guys face and thought that I was going to be beaten to a pulp by the pissed off best man. The idiot that that she was just excited and moist.

He did not realize that he had been hit by a Barstow Loogie!
by HermosaBeach March 08, 2011
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