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A town in New Jersey also known as "Barnegat". It has a lame downtown, 2 Wawas within 5 minutes of eachother, half-completed housing developments, sprawling retirement communities, and never-ending construction of the interchange on the Parkway.

One of the worst parts of Barneghetto is an area known as "Settler's Landing", where at least 5 people get shot each day. Nobody knows what the houses in Settler's Landing originally looked like, because 80% of them have burned down since the 70s. If you want to die, venture onto Lexington Drive. Other attractions in Barneghetto include the Deer Chase/Brookville area, which is an up-and-coming Settlers. However, it isn't as Settlers-esque as W Bay Ave retirement communities, where senior citizens throw poker chips and set arson to eachother's motorized scooters to gain turf along Bay Ave. The Pheasant Run retirees have recently been challenged by newcomers such as the Mirage retirees and the Heritage Bay retirees.
I'm going far in life LOL JK I'm from Barneghetto

There's so much to do here LOL JK I'm from Barneghetto
by 609er August 22, 2010
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