Boy with hair the colour of a rye field in August. Will likely seduce you with his knowledge of tree and moss species. May be seen in overalls, with flowers in his pockets, madly in love with the changing of the seasons.

Slang from the Humberhead Lowlands of Yorkshire.Rarely used but in a few villages, including Rawcliffe and Swinefleet.
Person 1: There he goes again, talking to the pigeons.
Person 2: Before long they'll nest on that curly white head of his.
Person 1: He truly is a Barley Boy.
by dannytabarnak April 15, 2020
An English major who commits acts of domestic violence under rage due to a lack of career opportunities.
Person 1: I quit my job to be a part of the 99. Now I'm complaining that I have no job! I'm so angered!!
Person 2: Stop being a such Barley Boy.
Person 1: I'm gonna go beat my wife.
Person 2: Okay.
by jangit222 October 30, 2011