1. Chari.

2. The person who wins the Karaoke Barkeeper at The Third Annual Yes Theory Fam Discord Awards aka Chari

3. A Karaoke Barkeeper is not someone who sings, but one who interacts, encourages others to sing, bullies them to sing if they say no until they sing, hypes others up and carries the whole Karaoke call on their back.
4. #Chari4KaraokeBarkeeper
"So who won the Karaoke Barkeeper Award?"
"Duh, Chari"
by scamia May 20, 2021
One who tries everything know to man to double up on you and your old lady
Did that barkeeper come see you as well today honey?? Or was I your husband the only lucky one!!
by Brianpatterson December 8, 2021