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Barish is the most horny and sexy man on the universe and beyond, he also get on by porn hub. He mostly dislikes people wit tiny dicks
by Dis for zaura September 01, 2018
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A stupid mother fucking sand nigger, who thinks he's cool but is actually very unpopular.
LOL. Look at that kid, he's trying to fit in with us but he's such a loser. What a Barish.
by Neil87328 November 05, 2013
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barish is a person that has and will accomplish anything he wants to. he will also make u very good feeling in the mouth.
he is not a pusher on the head he gets head daily
yo barish is the most cutest person in the world like omg he is so sexy just wanna rub me on him

person#2: u know i hooked up with him he is not a pusher.
by Dis for zaura October 11, 2018
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