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A school where people who have arrogantly deemed themselves smarter than the rest of their inferior peers meet to discuss their vast array of knowledge in the fields of politics, mathematics, science, etc., all to try and convince themselves (and each other) that the true reason they are at this school is because they were rejected socially from their old school. The school has an 80% acceptance rate, so don't be fooled by the applicants favorite motto: "It's an early college for geniuses." Expect the worst types of people to be enrolled in the school, and even worse people to leave.
Social Reject: Oh how I long to be among the intellectuals of a caliber not found at my current school. I know, I'll go to Bard College at Simon's Rock! It's a college, so it must be a school for geniuses like myself!
by damnthemall June 30, 2010
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