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A wax-jacketed, huntin', fishin' shootin' type, such as me, of the English countryside, who loves to indulge in all things bucolic and preserving of the rural landscape, including killing and eating as much of it as possible. As me, quite possibly ex-Army, wont to driving old Land Rovers, being rather poor and fond of cord trousers and tweed if a chap and nice skirts and floppy straw hats if a chappette.

Not to be confused with the agri-yob, which is a lower caste of countryside dweller altogether.

Not, either, to be confused with Barbar the Elephant.
William Boot, erstwhile and unlikely hero of Waugh's novel Scoop and the writer of "Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole", might well be described, by today's standards, as a Barbourian.
by Roo August 12, 2009
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