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A barbie-goth is a person who have two sides, a happy side which is barbie and unhappy side which is gothic. So sometimes feels like barbie and dresses cheerful with often wearing pink color. But when feeling down dressing in total black feeling very gothical. So their closet is filled with barbie and gothic cloths.
You'll never know when she shows up wearing pink or black... Well depends what mood she's in... Such a Barbie-goth!
by imabarbiegoth September 11, 2016
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a person; typically a preppy uneducated female; that believes herself/himself to be cool and "Goth" because she/he started wearing black and reading Twilight, or something equally retarded. They also have absolutely no knowledge of what Goth actually is.
Person: These Barbie Goths annoy me, with their facade "darkness" and Gothness".
by EOVLK July 22, 2010
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