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A Barbeau is a person that is always incredibly vague in all aspects of his life.

A Barbeau can also be incredibly rude without realizing it, but most of the time he knows exactly what extent of rudeness he is projecting without giving a single shit. In fact, a Barbeau absolutely loves creating uneasiness amongst his folks.
A Barbeau usually has a 5-year-old type of humor.
He can easily be very condescending and mean towards you for no reason.
A Barbeau also loves bikes a little too much. It's usually this weird obsession that makes everyone uneasy.
1: What are you doing tonight?
2: Stuff
1: Stop being such a fucking Barbeau

1: I just got fired from my job
2: You deserved it. You were probably terrible at your job. You boss probably had a bunch of good reasons to fire you
1: Shut the fuck up Barbeau

1: My bike... My precious bike... nO DO No t tOUCH it!!!!!!! My baby my precious baby bike.,...
2: What the fuck is wrong with you Barbeau

1: You're really....... Ugly!! *laughs and runs away*
2: What a Barbeau
by dickfest May 16, 2016
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