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A finishing move used by Barack Obama during his stint as a virtual WWE competitor. Very similar to The Rock Bottom.
Barack just hit Hillary with Barack Bottom and was going to finish the match with a People's Elbow, but Slick Willy had to interfere. We knew she didn't stand a chance without Bill.
by Tiogi April 30, 2008
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1. The condition of the US economy after four years of failed fiscal policy.

2. The depressed feeling one experiences after un-fulfilled promises of "hope" and "change."
3. The credit rating of the United States as a result of high unemployment, high loan default rates, and low consumer confidence resulting from President Barack Obama's failure to surround himself with competent financial advisors.
Sebastian has really hit Barack Bottom, he says we won't even vote next year.

I thought Bridget and Connie were doing better but after the bank repossesed their Prius this morning, they must have really hit Barack Bottom.
by unalienable_right_to_life October 12, 2011
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