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Bar Curling is a game much like regular curling. It is done on the top of a bar with two glass bottles. It originated at a local fraternity many years ago at Michigan Tech in Houghton, Michigan. Beta Sigma Theta are the founders of this incredible sport. Its played in teams of two. The two people take turns throwing the empty glass beer bottles towards the other end of the bar when the other team is waiting to catch them. There are 4 different points (Drinks, there are 12 in one cup of beer no matter size) that you can score. A slam is thrown when the bottle is hanging over the edge of the bar. The points 1,3 and 6 can also be thrown by landing in the zone for the points noted by lines on the bar top. This game will get you shit-faced if played right. It has been imitated but will never be duplicated.
"Bar Curling" Its my turn to throw. I get to slide the beer bottles down the freshly waxed bar towards my opponents and it stops and is hanging over the bar. They flip the bottle over and slam their beer. They can't throw until they have drank for the points I threw.
by mtu March 26, 2009
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