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A Bar Bunny is a woman that frequents bars, and has a vacuous, bubbly personality. Frequently a sorostitute. Has probably had dreams of being a playboy bunny at least once in her life

Great for the evening, but you wouldn't want to take her home to mother...
by Dannar March 14, 2010
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n. A bartender whose most important asset is his/her looks, rather than any skill in preparing drinks, remembering orders, resolving disputes, or dealing with belligerent patrons. May help to increase a bar's revenue from tips, explaining why so many of them manage to keep their jobs. Stereotypically female, but male examples are common. (Compare with the sci-fi term "bridge bunny.")

This term is also used to refer to a certain kind of drinker, but there are many other names for them.
My cousin's boyfriend works at the Louie's on Grand Avenue. He's a total bar bunny--he has to remind himself which end of a glass to pour beer into--but he's good at flattering insecure customers who feel like their lives have already peaked. So they leave big tips and all the employees benefit.
by Typac Shakur March 08, 2011
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