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Although no one knows what a Bape Cow is, it is known that if you see a Bape Cow in it's true form, you will die within the next 100 years. Bape Cows don't know that they're Bape Cows, because they think they're lemons.

There are good Bape Cows and bad Bape Cows. No one can tell whether or not a Bape Cow is good or bad.

Bape Cows are often seen with ragons, they're trusty steeds.

Huntin Bape Cows is a common hobby, though Bape Cow hunting enthusiasts often keep they're hobby a secret or within their group due to the lack of belief in Bape Cows.

If one asks, "What is a Bape Cow?" The only proper answer is, "I don't know. What is a Bape Cow?"
What's a Bape Cow?
by Golden Sculpie September 13, 2009
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What is a Bape Cow?
No one knows what a Bape Cow is. Not even Bape Cows know what a Bape Cow is. They're too busy thinking that they're lemons. They ride Ragons and are omens of death. But we don't really know that because we don't know what Bape Cows are.
-What's a Bape Cow?
by Omatoe-may? January 26, 2009
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