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The art of whoring the Banshee vehicle in Halo multiplayer. Usually banshee whoring is used in an attempt to combat attacks from ground vehicles such as the warthog and ghost.

Usually, this tactic is used to counter the highly popular, and fucking hilarious, roadkill tactic, and in team games is often used as a form of vehicular manslaughter.

Unfortunately for the BW'ers, the Banshee sucks total ass, and is an easy target for the Warthog's rear-mounted minigun.
t3h_sniper: "hahahaha i iz got banshe try roadkill now biatch!"
DataLord: "suck minigun, fucktard!"
t3h_sniper got wasted.
Kouen: "banshee whoring. what a newblet."
by Kouen June 11, 2006
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