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An "Individual" working for a financial institution, normally Board Member or Chief Executive, who possesses no knowledge whatsoever about the industry in which he/she works, he would hazard a guess that the "Fractional Reserve System" was something to do with Betfair, and will have simply never heard of a fiat currency. Bankstard will have never personally researched anything, will have blindly believed everything taught or told to him at university or by his former bosses, to think otherwise could jeopordise future 6/7 figure salary. He will believe he is doing a good thing, such is the extent of his brainwashing. His belief will be that his bank loans out a percentage of money that it has on deposit, plus interest, where in reality anybody with an internet connection and half a brain knows that a bank creates money at the stroke of a pen (your signature on loan application), it risks nothing of it's own. He will not understand that your mortgage application is an IOU (exactly as good as/identical to £/$) cashed by the bank and then lent back to you, which you pay back in full with interest................his brain won't be big enough to take in the thought that his institution is there as part of a massive financial redistribution scheme, to bankrupt not only people but nations also, for the Bilderbergers Rothschilds and Co.............

Bankstard will not have heard of the shameful historical trade of usury.
Frank: "Can you lend me a tenner Tony, Bankstards have fined me £35 for an unpaid Direct Debit"
Tony: "Can't mate sorry they did it to me too"
Frank: "If only the supreme court of the UK would have ruled against them"
Tony: "Banks rule everything mate, politicians, media the lot, we're fucked"
Frank: "No we're not pal, they are, you watch, the era of greed is over, and it won't be coming back for a while! Writing is on the wall for them all!!!"
by RubatoPiano June 28, 2013
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