Bank Drive-thru Asshole uses the drive-thru lane at the bank to conduct 20 minutes of banking that should be taken care of by walking inside. The grossly overweight Bank Drive-thru Asshole obviously can’t waddle their fat asses inside the lobby, so their only hope is that their rusted, oil-burning piece of crap car will idle long enough at the drive-thru. Bank Drive-thru Asshole often causes an unsuspecting and unfortunate victim to lose the Bank Drive-thru Lottery.

Bank Drive-thru Asshole will also not hesitate to use the Commercial Lane. Apparently, Bank Drive-thru Asshole also lacks the ability to fill out a deposit slip BEFORE their turn in line. Bank Drive-thru Asshole would be better served going to the local check cashing store to cash their monthly unemployment or welfare checks.

Bank Drive-thru Asshole's next stop is the convenience store, which usually results in the morphing into Cigartette Asshole and/or Lottery Ticket Asshole.
I got caught behind Bank Drive-thru Asshole this morning. They must have been trying to cash a forged state check which was signed by three different people. To top it off, Bank Drive-thru Asshole probably had no valid ID. Damn...they made me lose the Bank Drive-thru Lottery.
by mad genius December 7, 2010
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