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Banjolsh is the ultimate protagonist. Showering the land with his all-mighty leaf blower, he often grabs small bears and feeds them to penguins. Selling merchandise galore, he is the beast of bartering. As well as being a full time hero, Banjolsh is known to reside in a tainted cottage in Antarctica. As well as this, many 'a' men look up to Banjolsh as not only a superior, but as an idol. Founder of the treble clef route of tomato, Banjolsh is also a scientist, and reincarnation of man himself. His famous quotes are: "SCRAM!" and "That takes the Biomass."
"Huzzah Children! Banjolsh is approaching!"
"Guys, let's give our pocket money to Banjolsh, he deserves it."
"Look over there, it's inevitable heroism! No wait, it's Banjolsh!"
"The leaves! They're gone! Banjolsh saved us!"
by Mr-Pseudonym October 29, 2009
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