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The act of smoking a much needed cigarette. Bangin' a Heater is one of the most American, kick-ass, hardcore things that a man can do. This activity is often initiated by a long day at work, a bad night with a lady friend, a sub-par golf outing, or while consuming alcohol amongst a group of other hard-hittin' sons of bitches. These sessions are often enhanced by standing on a porch with your bro's, wearing a leather jacket, telling stories about chicks, or having a fresh beer in-hand. This phrase can be used in a variety of ways to include other people (gang-bangin' heat), or to describe smells (banged heat).
Example 1:

Guy #1: "Dude, I nailed Tommy's mom last night."
Guy #2: "Sick, let's go bang a heater while you tell me about her jugs"

Example 2:

Guy 1 getting in Guy 2's car: "Dude, it smells like banged-heat in here"

Guy 2: "Yeah I was bangin' heaters after I banged your mom last night"

Guy 1: "Weird, my mom doesn't smoke"

Example 3:

Guy 1 to group dudes: "Anybody want to bang a heater? I dont have one"
Guy in group with a pack: "I only have one left, if you guys dont mind gang-bangin' heat"
by DRiley816 February 19, 2015
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