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One who thinks the music and bands they listen to are best and anything else is completely crap to them.
Band elitists tend to put down others and their favorite music and bands. They try using technical terms or they use bad vocabulary to describe how bad the band or musician is.
Band elitists tend to go onto video websites and comment videos they think are crap with: "They Suck" or etc.
They cannot keep their opinion to themselves and must let other know that their music is not as good as their music.
Mr. X goes onto a video site and looks at a video that is very popular and has a high rating. Mr. X doesn't like this band, so he posts a comment saying: "This band sucks, they have no talent whatsoever."
Fans of this band reply to his comment and he just continues on putting the band down.
Some only view him as a retard, others will name him a band elitist
by Autumnmnmn December 30, 2008
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