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Used to describe someone whose sole purpose is the enjoyment of another person. Typically used in video games like Team Fortress 2. In that example, a banana rider would be a medic who latches onto one single player and does not heal or help anyone else. They typically do not give this treatment to just anyone. A banana rider typically knows its subject or the subject has proven worthy of banana riding.

In Team Fortress 2 a banana rider can also be a pyro or a heavy whose only job is to protect an engineer from spys and demos.

The term could also be used in sports, to describe someone who always passes the ball/puck/etc to their favorite player.

Famous people typically have several banana riders that roll with them wherever they go and wait on them hand and food, brown nose, and defend their subject at all costs.
"That heavy sucks without his fucking banana rider"

"I need a banana rider to keep these gd spys off me"

"John Stockton was Karl Molone's banana rider"

"I was going to get Snoop's autograph but i couldn't get past his banana riders"
by Gnadger September 18, 2009
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A non-Asian woman who has some obsession about fucking Asian men

Not too many of them around but there are a few if one looks in the right places
TOM: Yo man, I can't believe it - Liz is going out with another Asian guy
HEATH: Wasn't she dating one before?
TOM: Yeah man, I'm telling you, this chick is a mad BANANA RIDER
by iluv6902 August 01, 2009
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