A unwieldy weapon given to some in a server Forum chat room etcetera please select few people are known as moderators the ban Hammer holds the power of what the name implies Banning people most moderators are cool about it and only use their power for good some may use it for evil though
This weapon is known as the ban hammer it's strikes fear into many users and why many users fear moderators for their power because with one command and one Smite and you're off for good or who knows how long
by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 March 3, 2019
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The act of taking a poop in a bathroom urinal and getting rejected for future use of a bathroom. Also can be treated as an item depending on the shape of the dookie.
There was only one stall in the bathroom, but the urinal was open so I had to drop a mud monkey in that instead. Unfortunately I got the bathroom ban hammer.
by Ithinktoomuch2think May 7, 2019
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The ban hammer is a power that website moderators have access to, that makes them feel as if they are dictators of the universe because they run a tiny little corner of the Internet, and that they wield like a club, to silence and intimidate any user who doesn't bow down to their fake Internet authority, or questions their decisions, which are always infallible, of course, because they are gods.
When the only conflict-resolution tool you have is a ban hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
by q359 July 25, 2023
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