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1) A way to say "fuck you, you disgusting scum" in Gaelic.

1) To get crunk; To party.

1) A secret place where only the toughest most agile leprechauns can spend their days. You can find it just past the pot filled with gold and beyond the rainbow. If you have reached the shire, you've gone too far.
Those bloody bampoozles stole all of me potatoes!

Man #1
"That party last night was fuckin' amazing!"
Man #2
"Yeah, I know! I grabbed my girl and we started to bampoozle!"

*knuckle touch*

Ay! Lets go hang at Bampoozle later! We can all get shitfaced and skip freely through the four leaf clovers. After we're finished we can worship our God, Lucky, while eat stale marshmallows and defend him from greedy bratty animated children!
by Irish Mother Fucker December 17, 2009
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