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When the trousers/shorts/leggings of a person ride up into ones crack, resulting in a clearly visible outline of the persons butt crack. This can usually be seen on buses or other forms of public transport.

It origionates from the word 'cameltoe', but is the 'back' variation because it isn't asociated with the 'front' (vagina).
'I saw an epic bameltoe on the bus the other day, you could proper see the guy's butt crack!'
'Thats awesome, you should have taken a photo!'
by Louis Onesj August 22, 2011
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the male version of a camel toe. except its more like BAM! theres that guys dick popping out of his shorts.
That ocean life guard needs to buy some board shorts or some thing. His Bamel Toe was way out there!
by ZNB July 02, 2010
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tight jeans, two testicles bulging out each side of the crotch seem
Yo that fat guy has bamel toe and frankly it is making me nauseous.
by clgdswr October 17, 2011
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