The affection toward pet-like animals exhibited by the common hippie - hipster worthlus - despite a general indifference toward human life and non-mammals. Onset generally caused by an ignorance of the harsh realities of nature and animal survival. Often results in misdirected online petitions, slacktivism, and Chipotle restaurants.
That crunchy won't shut up about pigs living care-free lives until quick deaths on farms, even though they'd be torn apart and eaten alive by natural predators in the wild; but they'd stomp the shit out of a spider without a second thought - typical Bambi syndrome.
by Steel Arrow June 3, 2016
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A phenomenon, occurring in springtime, in which the warm weather encourages PDA among couples, the wearing of scantier clothing, more people entering into relationships, and general feelings of friskiness and sexual desire in the young population. So-called because it resembles the way in which young animals get frisky, pair up, and mate in springtime, as seen in the movie "Bambi."
Man, those two definitely have Bambi Syndrome - they're all over each other!

This campus is suffering from a bad case of Bambi Syndrome - look at all those couples holding hands.
by wakalaka08 April 15, 2010
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