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(n.) Someone whose shirt or article of clothing is too sexy for them.
Guy 1: That girl's so flat that she's hollow!

Guy 2: And she thinks she can go strapless! What a balrus.
by Universe24 April 19, 2011
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A 20 ft creature that is half bear and half walrus. it has the body of a walrus that is covered in fur, it has two bear hands instead of flippers, and the face of a bear with one long tusk. A balrus can take on any shape and any form. if you ever come across a balrus there are two things you should never do: turn your back and look it in the eyes. they can levitate over water and will kill you for fun. they like to chill on golf course.
that bitch may or may not have been a balrus.

2012....the balruses will have their day.

my god we walked right into it.....there were balruses everywhere
by dances with balruses February 02, 2010
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