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An inability to function at a socially exceptable rate, due to extreme ammounts of awkwardness in everyday problems and procedure.
As awkward as seeing someone with two testicles tucked behind their legs and bending over.
"Yo, my rents are ballz backwards about this trip, so I'm not too sure if the thizzle is going down this weekend or next."
Well... picture the awkward sight of someone balls tucked in between their legs (balls are backwards) therefore the parent's planning abilities are slightly flawed due to their awkward way of going about things.
by bG. May 19, 2006
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When someone's social respect is lowered, because of their drug habbits. This includes Thizz, Pot, and Shrooms.

Socially awkward due to un-explainable laughter at various unhumorous situations. Also acceptably referred to as a Head, i.e. Pot Head, Shroom Head, Thizz Head.

When someone has partied too much and needs to take a year or so off of the club/hippie scene or let the pot pass.

"No, you shouldn't invite Deron...he's all ballz backwards and shit, I really can't stand him"
by Bobby -g May 24, 2006
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