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A reference to the Scarface video game from 2006. As you sell drugs, kill people, or talk trash to them (i.e. pressing O and having your character yell "Hey fuck you meng!") a meter on the bottom part of the screen, known as the Balls Meter, would fill. Once full you would be temporarily invincible and kill everybody in your path while yelling quotes from the Scarface movie.

In other walks of life you would talk about somebody having a full Balls Meter when they do something manly or badass. This includes but is not limited to an athlete making a ridiculously clutch play, James Bond demolishing everybody at the end of Casino Royale when he thinks Vesper has betrayed him, and professional wrestler Sabu continuing to work a barbed wire match despite his biceps being torn open.
Person 1: Yo did you see Durant's game winner last night?
Person 2: Word man his Balls Meter is through the roof
by A.D. Sellers January 05, 2012
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