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1. (Adj.) One who has tangled hair from rolling around in bed, who giggles and grins as if high, and who is a lover without a rulebook. They tend to be driven by adrenaline, and are spontaneous, playful, in-the-moment people. They laugh at their own foolishness, yet take pride in being unique.
2. (Adj.) One who tends to get into trouble often with higher authority, but are looked at with sympathy from onlookers because they're just so damn cute.
He snapped her picture as she emerged from under the covers, hair askew and facial expressions wild; clearly his little ball of mess.

Only clumsy balls of messes drop their glass vases in the toilet, hitting the seat at exactly the right angle so they shatter into a bajillion pieces.

Balls of messes stand defiant and strong, even when the world opposes them.
by Incubus&Succubus September 14, 2010
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