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When you and your fucked up friends all touch your big nuts.-Saif

When your friends and you take their balls out of their drawers and you all touch balls together/stand in a circle while doing it. NOT GAY.-Tyler

When you and your friends form the greatest bond you can from by touching your huge fucking nuts. -Ethan

THE BEST MUTHERFUCKIN THING EVER! its a bond like no other, people who do not touch their hairy, sweaty, fuckin glorious testicals together are homos. NO HOMO-Nick.

At least all my friends don't know that I like boys <3 ;) -Austin
Jim: lets become blood brothers
Joey: knives scare me
Jack: lets fucking touch balls
*They all whip up their manly nuts, and make contact with everyone elses nuts. They then proceed to go smoke a manly, yet disgusting cigar.
Now we're ball brothers!
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