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A high-volume fart that is so powerful it propels your junk forward, painfully slapping the parts against your belly or thigh.
To perform a ball blaster, put on loose-fitting boxers (or nothing at all), get in a reclining position, spread your legs, brace for the pain, and let it rip. Hard.
by Rabbi Jimbob September 14, 2015
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1. A toy that shoots balls.

2. When you unexpectedly get hit in the balls/testes.

3. When a person gives oral pleasure to your testicles.
1. I got a new ballblaster that shoots googolplex balls/second!

2. During my negotiations in Sparta, King Leonidas unexpectedly ballblasted me with his boot.

3. A hobo at the bus station gave be an exquisite ballblaster for an old dimebag.
by T4rd January 02, 2008
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