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Well Bali Shag is a tobacco, but A BALI SHAG is when your doin some broad doggy, and you got your groove goin so you reach for some nice fine rolling tobacco and procede to roll and smoke a handmade ciggarette all the while making her scream.
MAN i Bali Shagged this hot Milf last night, she made me shag her again so she could have one.
by Aaron pontious October 03, 2004
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The act of having sex with one of the locals and then later finding out that you have contracted HIV/AIDS and a string of other diseases.
ROD: You get a Bali Shag?
BOB: Almost...
ROD: Huh?
BOB: I brought one of the local sluts back to my hotel room and washed my hands and the bitch was totally amazed that water ran out of the tap. It totally freaked me out!!!
ROD: Eww man that's real dirty in a third world slut kinna way... So what you do?
BOB: The only thing I could, I paid her 1 dollar and threw her AIDS ridden ass over the hotel balcony down into the pool.
ROD: Lucky you did that man! 90% of the island has HIV! It's not worth having a Bali Shag, just fuck the tourist's man, at least they know what running water and soap is!
by The Moody Poet November 30, 2006
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