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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, better known as simply Baldi, is a game that is currently very popular at the moment. It was originally for the Meta Game Jam, and was later released to the public. The game's main purpose is too collect 7 notebooks without getting caught Baldi, unless you want your ass spanked with a ruler by Baldi, himself. When you do eventually get a game over, you will get a jumpscared. The game gets harder every time you get a question wrong, as Baldi will become faster and faster. The game was made by mystman12, and stated that it was made to mock "horrible edutainment games from the 1990s." Most of the models are crudely made and animated. The game has many obstacles to overcome as well, such as the following characters.

Principal of The Thing
It's a Bully (Bully
Gotta Sweep
1st Prize
and Arts and Crafters.

Also has a secret ending.
Friend 1: Hey man, try playing Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. It's a parody of older edutainment games.

Friend 2: Um... O.K. sure
by Waitwut_Closedverse July 08, 2018
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