A name variant for BadBoyHalo that is often used by Skeppy and his fans. This has been adopted ever since the joke that BadBoyHalo is an angry bald man, likely developed by Skeppy
BadBoyHalo? You got no hair and you're always mad, it should be BaldBoyHalo or MadBoyHalo
by I.M. Gassy June 14, 2019
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BaldBoyHalo is a Bald man that will probably rage it is very to special to find so be careful because if you grief him he will rage hard.
by Pavel Canko Dimitrov May 4, 2019
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BadBoyHalo"s Meme/BadBoyHalo/BBH/Skeppy Made this up
Skeppy makes fun of BaldBoyHalo
by Flare_BlitzHD12 July 19, 2020
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