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Bakerwasted is known as a act of when one individual drinks till he/she is shit faced then consumes even though they shall be in the hospital because of such a high BAC but yet continues to drink more until there is no more alcohol. Drunk as can be, most friendly polite loving drunk, cannot walk, cant understand a word there saying but yet he/she always has the biggest smile on their face no matter the situation. Will do anything to help other out. When Bakerwasted, you wake up in a different city then where you started drinking and cannot recall anything that happened. You don't throw up even after the point of blackout and continue drinking straight alcohol (no mix drink). Waking up still hammered off your ass because he/she consumed so much alchohol and not throwing up. i Many cannot get to this point without getting sick or passing out right away. It originated from a teen in Grand Haven and the word has been spreading among city's.
1. Why are you not naked yet? You need to get Bakerwasted.
2. Where am I? dude you got bakerwasted last night, we found you passed out out in the blueberry fields
3."Whys that guy whipping his dick around naked", "oh hes bakerwasted"
4. When shaking your bro thinking he is dieing and then asking someone politely for an ash tray and then they start yelling "wtf hes bakerwasted.
5. Someone told me I bakerwasted last night, I couldn't remember what happened at all but i woke up with a smile
by Party Tom October 25, 2012
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