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Bakayarou is not a swear word, but a name describing someone who is fool because he will point to a deer and call it a horse. Exact translation is deer-horse (fool) infront (of me). In Japanese it has a deeper meaning in terms of the insult.

It means to describe someone who has no integrity, no morals, hypocrites, ppl who are giving crocodile tears, insincere within, a despicable person who could lie through their teeth because they can point to a deer and call it a horse. That's why the basic translation is Fool or Asshole, but it has a deeper meaning.
He said he regret not speaking up against the discrimination he witnessed as a child and is now an advocate for equal rights. Yet, he was caught calling another person a "chink and to go back to their own country". He's a bakayarou.
by EllieG88 September 20, 2019
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Bakayarou. . .
An insultive Japanese term frowned upon and thus rareley used in Japan, basically translates into "asshole" or similar english insults.

Pronounced; Bah-kah-yah-roh (pretty self explanitory)
Anata wa bakayarou desu. . .
You are an asshole. . .
by Kazuki Umbre October 17, 2006
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